Common sense says that without Christ, there is no Christianity, yet the liberal skeptics of the early 20th Century attemptedQuestion.001 to minimize the divinity of Christ and his miracles. They set out on a quest to uncover the real “historical” Jesus as simply a man with no supernatural abilities. The Messiah they tried to create could not have been Messiah at all because he was a mere man. It is interesting to see how sinful men seek to invent theories and then find the proof for them. If this method of research could be switched, the Gospel of John would be the place to start since it is a book that demonstrates the divinity and the sovereignty of Jesus Christ as God. This assault on the deity of Christ is the reason for one of the Five Pillars of Fundamentalism: The literal nature of Biblical accounts, especially regarding Christ’s miracles and the Creation account in Genesis. 

The Fundamentals: Chapter 9