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When I was growing up, I learned many Bible “stories” that I still hold dear to this day. The difficulty with using the termQuestion.001 “story” is that it can insinuate that the account in question is not a historical event, but rather just a fairy tale. Modern Bible skeptics have tried to undermine the Bible’s authority by trying to make it into a fairy tale. And who can blame? If the Bible is the Word of God, the skeptic is forced to accept or rebel against God. It is much easier for the skeptic to run from reality and live for himself.

Were Abraham and Moses real people in history? Did a man named Noah really build an ark under the direction of God? Did God really mean that he created the world in six literal days, or is Genesis 1 a silly allegory with Genesis 2 as the real story (as if God made chapter divisions in the Bible)?

Friends, the Bible is the authoritative, accurate, and inspired Word of God. Everything it contains is an accurate account of historical record. That doesn’t mean that the Bible records every moment in history, but it does include everything man needs to know in order to glorify God. Chapter 7 of The Fundamentals addresses the skeptics who teach that the Bible is a fairy tale. It is unfortunate that many of these skeptics remain in modern Evangelicalism as deceivers.

The Fundamentals: Chapter 7