Johann Gottfried Eichhorn was a German theologian and higher critic who set out to prove that the Bible was not of divine Question.001origin (inspiration) because he could not comprehend how God could write such a book. Instead of gathering the evidence and letting it speak for itself, Eichhorn and his cohorts believed their own theory first, and then sought evidence. This is a horrible method of scholarship because it is only limited to one’s imagination and skews the evidence unfairly.

In regards to the Pentateuch, also know as the Law of Moses or the first five books of the Bible, the higher critics set out to show that is was not divinely inspired through Moses, but rather a collection of stories compiled and edited over hundreds of year. To do this, the higher critics had to lie and distort dates and data. Chapter 6 of The Fundamentals shines light upon this type of deception and illustrates a massive conclusion. If the Pentateuch is only a human compilation, Christ and all his ministry is vain because it was built upon the Law of Moses. Jesus came to fulfill a divine law, not finish the compiled ramblings of the historic Hebrews. The supreme Christ upheld a divine Pentateuch.

The Fundamentals: Chapter 6