Whether the critics like it or not, the Bible is a supernatural book. “How does the Bible prove itself to be a divinely inspired,Question.001 heaven-given book, a communication from a Father to His children, and thus a revelation?” It contains the message of God, the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation. No other book in history has or ever can compare to the life-transforming nature of the Bible. Men have tried to destroy it and critics have tried to debunk it, yet the Bible stands. Chapter 4 of The Fundamentals addresses the critical assault on the authenticity and divine inspiration of the Bible. Some of the arguments may seem random or unfamiliar to a modern reader. That is because author was addressing specific criticisms and critics of his day that may not have contemporary relevance. Please do not cast this chapter aside if you cannot understand his point, or even think it is too simplistic. The author makes his final point by quoting the greatest commentary ever written on Scripture…Scripture. Enjoy!

The Fundamentals: Chapter 4