Question.001I really enjoyed reading today’s essay from The Fundamentals because it is so relevant for today, even though it was written 100 years ago. We are fighting the same battles. Satan does not change his tactics because they still work. He was a liar in the Garden of Eden, and he is still the same liar today. Today’s essay combats the lies of liberal theology and “higher criticism.”

If you remember from Chapter 1, higher criticism calls into question the divine source of the Bible and attempts to piece together the human elements without attention the the inspiration of Scripture. This path is dangerous and heretical. Chapter 3 addresses the fallacies of higher criticism and shows the flaws of its liberal theology. For example, higher criticism calls into question the authorship of the first five books of the Bible. Some critics even cast doubt upon Moses’ very existence! Two other fallacies addressed are the entrance of the theory of evolution into Christianity and the discrediting of real miracles happening in the Bible. Before I give away the rest, please jump in and read!

The Fundamentals: Chapter 3