Here is the second installment of The Fundamentals. That’s two down an only eighty-eight to go! The reason that I find this chapter so intriguing is because of its modern relevancy. I recently began hunting for a new study Bible and was frustrated at the options available. One way to determine a strong study Bible is to read the introduction to Genesis (or the Pentateuch) and determine the authors viewpoint on the inspiration of Scripture as found in 2 Timothy 3:16 and 2 Peter 1:21.

Let me be clear. The Pentateuch is not an editorial compiled over 1,100+ years. God inspired the document through Moses, and it was placed into the Ark of the Covenant as a completed, inspired, and perfect whole in Exodus 25:16/Deuteronomy 31:26. While another penman included small portions after Moses death under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it was completed and finished prior to being placed in the Ark. It is certainly true that scholars, scribes, and priests have translated and updated the text to make it more understandable for their contemporary cultures, but this work has nothing to do with the inspiration of the original autographs. God did not revise his Word!

My challenge you today is to know what you are reading! Just because your study Bible gets five stars on the Amazon review section or your favorite preacher has the most downloads on Sermon Audio does not mean they have the correct view on inspiration. Please enjoy reading Chapter 2 of the Fundamentals.

The Fundamentals: Chapter 2